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"Launch Leadership Coaching with Jody Walker was a blessing that fell into my lap. Jody saw, drew out and pushed the passion within me that I was ignoring for so long. She held me to set a standard, and assisted me to reach the standard with my own thoughts and actions. She helped me understand the value of a mentor and business partner. If you have the opportunity to work with Jody Walker and Launch Leadership Coaching, you are in for a life-changing experience." " 


Lakeland, FL

"I approached Launch Leadership & Life Coaching because I lacked the ability to speak impromptu during job interviews. Jody helped me by providing homework, assignments, focusing on my employment opportunities, skill sets, personality and eloquence. Her passion to help others and her positive charisma resulted in helping me discover more about myself and approach job interviews with confidence. I found the experience revitalizing and life changing. I would recommend Leadership & Life coaching to anyone who has the post-interview blues." 


Lakeland, FL

I am at loss for words as to how much Jody has impacted my life and my career. As I was struggling to find the next step in my career I met with Jody and we set goals for what I wanted to accomplish, tackled current work issues, and explored future career options. Our sessions really helped me to focus on what was important and definitely contributed to me finding a fantastic job position. Every session was actionable, and she kept me accountable by assigning homework that was relevant to push me forward. She helped me find my worth and now I walk with purpose and confidence again. Jody helped me discover that everything I needed was already inside of me. She is an excellent listener, trustworthy, always encouraging, patient, empathic and professional. She can help anyone gain clarity and create practical new steps to be the best version of themselves. I can personally testify that her knowledge, assistance, and advice has helped me tremendously. I cannot recommend Jody enough for anyone wanting career or life coaching.


New York City, NY

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