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Are you comfortable in your tomb?

I have a strange habit of thinking deeply about particular individuals in the Bible.

Take Lazarus.

You know, the dead guy? (You can learn more about Lazarus in the book of John, Chapter 11, in the Bible).

We read in that story that Jesus loved Lazarus, and we also know that his sisters (Mary & Martha) were being comforted during their time of mourning their brother.

But what about Lazarus himself?

He’d been in that tomb for 4 days, so can you imagine his surprise when he’s suddenly awakened from the sleep of death and called forth into the light of day? I wonder if his spirit had already left his body, freeing him from the ailment or situation that took his life? Was he surrounded by angels pumping him up for this big event, or was he just as surprised as Mary and Martha when Jesus called him out of the grave? We’re left wondering because John doesn’t tell us how Lazarus felt, only that he came out of the tomb, still dressed in his grave clothing, when Jesus called him to step out.

What do you have in common with Lazarus?

The Bible provides us with stories about people - people like you and me - who lived ordinary lives and then had an encounter with holiness that changed them in some profound way. I believe we can often identify with these folks, but often not in the way you’d expect.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been dead and called back to life… or have I? I think there are many kinds of death. Consider…

  • Have you grown comfortable in your surroundings, all alone in your dark tomb of security, that leaves you feeling safe and sound?

  • Maybe you’re buried under a pile of lies you’ve told yourself, and you’re afraid to step forward when Jesus asks you to.

  • Maybe you’ve put yourself in a situation where you can’t hear Jesus calling you to step out.

  • Maybe the noise in your head is so loud that you’re believing the self-defeating thoughts the enemy is feeding you instead of listening to God’s truth and stepping out in faith to what he’s asking you to do.

Jesus is calling us to walk out of the dark. He’s asking us to make a difference.

So…what is keeping you in that tomb?

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